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Headlight Harness for Horses

Horses aren’t walked in harnesses, unlike dogs, but to an ex-mounted police officer the Headlight Harness for dogs had a lot of equine potential. A chance meeting at a local pet event resulted in the Headlight Harness for Horses, a product perfect for the barn or the trail.

Just imagine what it would mean for a police horse to be fitted with a lighted harness and keep their hands free to be able to move quickly protect themselves rather than holding a flashlight to see. So this retired police officer and the Headlight Harness team put their heads together to discuss making a breast collar. After all there were so many potential uses, even for a pleasure rider or barn owner.

Marilyn and Pete, the founders of Headlight Harness, had wanted to work with horses but didn’t have access or know exactly where to start. When they met retired officer Steve Pruzick, they decided to collaborate, and using Ferrous as the fit model, created an amazing product. Sometimes things happen for a reason!

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Ferrous became the fit model for the prototype.

Marilyn, Pete, and my friend Steve came to Lancaster Equestrian Stables to use Ferrous as their fit model and discuss options. They took measurements, discussed the adjustability, and even came up with the optional surcingle. This was amazing! This would mean that not only can riders use the harness on trail rides, endurance rides, and night riding in low-light arenas attached to the D-rings of the saddle.

More, this product can be used with the optional surcingle for turn in and turn out. No more worrying about bringing your horses in during the dark! Something which my trainer often has to do with her 11-year old daughter for winter lessons. Her horse lives outside 24/7 and they have to get him from the paddock in the pitch black and walk him up to the lighted barn, about 1/2 a mile away. The best news is he didn’t have to be tacked up with the optional surcingle attachment, and she didn’t need to follow in her car anymore.

Not only did the young girl love being able to see where she was going, but her mother appreciated how visible they were to approaching vehicles! I wish I’d love of putting it on Ferrous before we walked him at night to his new barn. You can be sure, I’ll be putting this on him for our trail rides through the woods. 

The harness fits both Western and English tack as well as naked horses with the optional surcingle.
The harness is fully adjustable!

There are some incredible features that make a difference:

• Patent Pending Headlight Harness design with 80 lumen LED!

• Ideal everyday breast collar that is easy to fit and put on.

• Optional surcingle for use without saddle.

• Customizable fit courtesy of 8 points of adjustment. (30” to 72” Neck)

• Padded mesh chest and belly section for maximum comfort and range of motion.

• Highly Reflective trim for added safety.

• Utilizes a commonly available 9V battery (*Included).

• Water resistant and lightweight.

The company stands by the quality and each Headlight Harness for Horses is hand made in the USA.  I love how the breast collar is reflective with or without the LED lit, so we can be seen easily crossing the road or on the trails.

Headlight Harness for Dogs!

Gonzo sporting his Headlight Harness for Dogs

We all see dogs walking around in harnesses, which I prefer to keep leash pressure off their sensitive necks. On the local vendor seen, I’ve met small business Headlight Harness, and loved their LED-lighted harness. Not only is it perfect for walking your dog at night to light your way and find the missing poop, but also keep your dog safe and visible if they happen to get loose. Gonzo has his own and it was a game changer on those dark winter walks!

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