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The Madison: Summer Horse Riding Gloves from Roeckl You Need in Your Tack Box


I decided recently to challenge myself by attempting a schooling show at my barn this spring. Most of you may wonder, why the big deal? For me, horse shows are a source of panic. It stems from low self-esteem in regards to my riding, anxiety about the unknown, and being judged by others. Ironically in life I could care less about how people view me for the most part. But in riding? I’m my own harshest critic.


Summer in New Jersey yields challenges of its own regarding humidity, sweltering heat, and bugs. So I need a horse riding glove for summer that will protect my hands, keep a firm grip, yet allow for breathability so I don’t overheat. I’m a delicate flower and high maintenence at times when it comes to my own comfort.


Finding the perfect glove has been harder than I thought. I have a confession. I have baby hands. I’m not kidding! It’s almost comical that I recently went to buy a pair of riding gloves and I was looking at the juniors section.


You can stop laughing now.


In all seriousness, I am a petite woman. My hands are size-challenged, sometimes even the smallest size is just not small enough. No one wants that extra space at the end of your fingertips unless you have long nails. And as an equestrian and animal massage therapist, I can honestly say long nails are just a hazard and magnet for dirt.


I prefer to work or ride in a glove year round. While providing massage to my clients in the winter, I wear fingerless gloves to protect my hands while giving me full access to feel for muscle spasms. I store gloves in my grooming tote, tack box, and truck – EVERYWHERE. Each pair has their own use. But I struggle with finding a riding glove for use in summer that checks all the boxes.


So what horse riding glove will be horse show stylish, breathable, and fit perfectly? Share on X


Roeckl Horse Riding Gloves

The “Madison”

Determined to search for the unicorn of equestrian apparel, I decided to try the “Madison” gloves by Roeckl. Because equestrians always need another piece of tack or apparel, right? I love that each pair has a unique name and style, and I opted for the navy and black, very popular colors in the Hunter ring. I absolutely love black, but thought I should venture a little outside my comfort zone. Isn’t that what I’m always trying to do with my horse riding?


Snug Yet Flexible Fit

How should riding gloves fit? Perfectly. They should be snug but flexible, which can be hard to find. The “Madison” has an exclusive comfort cut that snugly fits my tiny baby hands while giving me the stretch I need to maneuver in the ring and on the ground. Even though the sizing is available from a Unisex 6 – 10.5, I was unsure the smallest size would fit well despite viewing the size chart. Imagine my shock when it fit perfectly! It was practically made to fit my hand, and fit snugly, with just the right amount of elasticity.


Roeckl Riding Gloves


With their flexibility, these gloves allow me to tack up, ride on the flat, and jump with a perfect grip on the reins. The PU synthetic leather, which is both elastic and water-resistant means no slip and no excuses! With gloves like these, I have nobody to blame but myself if I lose the reins.


And the bonus? The digitally embossed synthetic leather is touchscreen compatible so it’s perfect for my riding selfies and horse show photos without having to make any awkward adjustments.


The Roeckl “Madison” gloves are listed in the catalog as summer gloves, but I feel they are absolutely appropriate late winter through late fall. These horse riding gloves have kept my hands warm while spring struggled to break free, and so far they have been incredibly comfortable. I even forget that I’m wearing them from time to time. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and testing out the moisture-wicking, even if I’m not looking forward to the sweltering heat.


Trendy Style

The Madison Glove


With a fitted cut and unique design, drawing the palm material up and around to the cuff, these are very stylish gloves. Perfect for either the schooling ring, the cross country course, or the show ring. Perhaps if I dress the part of a professional equestrian, I’ll ride like one?


Wash and Go


All equestrians get dirty, it’s part of our everyday experience. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to clean ourselves or our tack? The downside of many leather riding gloves is they cannot be machine washable. Not so with the Roeckl “Madison” riding gloves!


Roeckl textile gloves can be machine washed at 86° Fahrenheit. For best results, close the Velcro fasteners before washing. Gently press excess water from the fingertips to the wrist and allow to dry with the fingertips pointing upwards.


How much easier could washing your horse riding gloves be?


About Roekl

Roeckl Sports is a family-run company based in Munich German for six generations that marries experience with innovation for equestrian athletes as well as cycling, skiing, and much more.


We live up to our motto: “Being innovative by tradition. Preserving what is tried and tested. Improving what is good!” Roeckl Sports


Where to Buy Roeckl Horse Riding Gloves


What is the best place to buy Roeckl gloves? Anywhere. Roeckl has a large distribution network and you can find their products on Amazon, SmartPark, Dover Saddlery, and many other tack stores.


I cannot wait to see if the “Madison” fits as perfectly in summer as they do now in spring. Something tells me that I’m going to be enjoying these gloves both in and out of the saddle for a long time to come.


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