Thermal Imaging Equine Massage Therapy
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Thermal Imaging in Equine Massage Therapy

Alternative therapies have a multitude of health benefits, especially the sports massage which I use in my practice with horses and dogs. But sometimes prospective clients remain unconvinced. How do you convince someone that equine sports massage really can increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve mobility? Seeing is believing.


We love our clients and build amazing relationships with them over time. Often I am asked how often I’m kicked or bitten. The answer is never. Now that doesn’t mean an animal doesn’t react when we hit a sore spot but a good massage therapist, and someone who knows animals, will be able to block easily. Often the animal doesn’t want to react or hurt you, it’s just an instinctual reaction.


My trainer told me Delight was feeling a “little light in the rear end”, meaning he’d been kicking out a lot lately and needed a massage session. Delight is my love. The tall OTTB is bigger than he realizes and despite the opinion of some is rather stoic. He tries his heart out no matter what. I’ve been massaging him for almost two years and I love working on him.


Knowing Delight as I do, I expected to find the tension in his neck and hindquarters. And boy did I.


I did an initial evaluation but Delight was pretty stoic and non-reactive. I did note areas of tension through the neck, top line, and hind end. I then took thermal imaging photos of his entire body. The heat scale is to the left, and as you see the white and red show areas of inflammation and pain.

Thermal Imaging_horse massage


So what now? Well, I do my job and give him a whole body equine massage therapy to reduce inflammation and thus providing pain relief. Delight is quite used to me and stands beautifully for his session. So it didn’t take very long- perhaps just under an hour. But the benefits are clear.


Thermal Imaging Horse

You will note the white has broken up and there are more areas of orange, yellow, and green. The massage will continue to work as he stretches and releases tension.


The difference in only a single massage session was fantastic! Are you a believer in equine massage therapy yet?


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