Vet Chat Limping Hip Pain
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Vet Chat Episode 2- Limping and Hip Pain in Your Dog

My dog Gonzo injured himself again. Recently he presented with a significant limp in his right hind. He will occasionally overdo it and strain a muscle. Last July, he pulled both hips out of alignment requiring anti-inflammatories, chiropractic work, and acupuncture. Well, he did it again.

Vet Chat Limping Hip Pain

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Luckily my friend and colleague Dr. Kendra Pope was there to help! Gonzo loves the vet. My dogs are the opposite of afraid, and so I brought him to the veterinarians office for an evaluation.

I love Dr. Pope’s office. It’s warm and inviting, and since I see clients there as well, it’s very familiar. Gonzo made himself right at home, greeting everyone and inspecting the place. Nothing changes his good attitude, even pain.

Gonzo had a full physical exam, and he definitely showed pain in the hind right. Because he has shown signs of arthritis, he’s on an anti-inflammatory diet, so we opted for acupuncture to see how he responded. I wish I took photos. He looked like a porcupine and kept backing up to sit on me, which was obviously not ideal. So vet tech, Alex, came in to give him a little head rub and distract him while Dr. Pope worked on him.

Gonzo hip pain

He did yelp when she accessed his right hip, but we were able to take things slow and complete the process. By the end of the session, he was half asleep on the floor.

Within a few days, Gonzo was feeling back to himself. He is on the following natural anti-inflammatories:

There are some amazing therapies on the market for your pet’s arthritis, which I write about here. He’ll receive follow up session of acupuncture, and then we’ll see how he does. We’re keeping a close eye on him for now. But if he worsens we will need a scan done, and possible be able to use stem cells to help him.

As a result of Gonzo’s injury, I thought I’d chat with Dr. Pope about limping and hip pain on our next episode of Vet Chat. Watch it now:

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