An Icelandic Horse Vacation- in Vermont!
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Romantic Equestrian Vacation- in Vermont!

Recently I wrote about planning for an equestrian weekend away with a non-horse husband. There is some additional thinking that has to be considered when you are putting your husband on a horse for the third time in his life, much less a trail ride in the mountains. I wanted everything to go perfectly while in Vermont so he would enjoy this experience, one that he was only doing for me.


Romantic Equestrian Vermont

Picturesque Vermont

I am happy to say that we had a truly memorable weekend away in Vermont, on horseback and off. The color, the food, the people, the Icelandic horses, and even the rain made for an  incredible time.



Spring in the mountains is always iffy so we were prepared with hats, waterproof jackets, and multiple layers. Luckily the worst weather was on the drive up to Vermont. It was still beautiful.



entral Vermont is somewhere I have never before visited- and boy was I missing out. The color is like a living painting of rustic beauty.

The Inn at Round Barn Farm

We loved staying at the Inn at Round Barn Farm in Waitsfield, Vermont.

The Inn at Round Barn Farm, Waitsfield, Vermont
The Inn at Round Barn Farm, Waitsfield, Vermont

We loved staying at the Inn at Round Barn Farm in Waitsfield, Vermont. I could not have been more happy with our inn.

The staff is absolutely delightful, and you receive the best of what a bed & breakfast should be. The breakfast was such a culinary delight that we would never consider dining elsewhere. Especially on Saturday morning where we started with an apple slaw and then imbibed poached eggs, ham, and fresh greens over polenta.


Breakfast involved country ham, poached eggs, and fresh greens over polenta. 
Breakfast involved country ham, poached eggs, and fresh greens over polenta.


The property has multiple ponds, a bridge, a few arbors, and of course a round barn where they hold events. They back up to a farm where calves and their mothers were grazing in peace. Across the road into the wood is a cabin available for snowshoeing adventures in winter. Unfortunately it was too muddy for us to venture there, but hopefully next time. Because we will definitely return.


Behind the inn lay remnants of historical beauty.. 
Behind the inn lay remnants of historical beauty…


The stars were initially meant as holiday adornment. Sadly in the fall of 2016, 5 local teenagers were tragically killed on the highway. Now these stars remain year round in their honor. 
The stars were initially meant as holiday adornment. Sadly in the fall of 2016, 5 local teenagers were tragically killed on the highway. Now these stars remain year round in their honor.

Nothing says spring like tulips on the roadside.


The Inn at Round Barn Farm has a game room with the only television, but we did not miss technology at all. We spent a lot of time touring the grounds of the inn and the surrounding area. When we were inside because of the weather we read or played chess or billiards. Jason is much better than me at billiards, but I kind’ve rocked chess a little bit.

Romance, Horses, and Beauty

The Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm has splendid views no matter the weather.
The Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm has splendid views no matter the weather.


Nothing much gets in the way of me and barn time. So even if the weather didn’t cooperate I was planning on visiting the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm just to meet them and take photos. Lucky for us, the weather cleared just in time to go out on a ride. While we were unable to go into the wooded trails due to the mud, we stuck to the dirt roads.


The barn was beautifully situated in the mountains and when we arrived the horses were tacked and ready for us. Karen (the owner), Shirley, and Lucy were very friendly and helpful and didn’t seem to mind in any way my non-stop chatter.


I rode Freddy, Karen’s personal horse. He was sensitive in the best possible way, and needed only the slightest of aids. He was a dream to ride. Incredibly comfortable and the tolt, or running walk, native to this breed did not disappoint. I did not get video of the tolt as I was having too much fun, sorry but I’m not sorry.


Horse husband
Heels down perfectly! I’m so impressed.


I was so incredibly proud of my husband. Not only did he suggest this equestrian weekend, but when it was pouring rain on the way to the farm he did not bat an eye. No excuses from this guy! He was a real trooper and honestly I think I love him more for getting on and having fun. I know horses are not for everyone but it’s really nice to share my passion with my love.



*Side note: the home above the barn is available for rent through AirBNB all year round. Karen gave us a tour and it is beautifully kept, can sleep up to 8 people, and has a vista that cannot be beat. Plus, it is only 5 miles from town so you aren’t in the middle of nowhere, but you feel like you are. Couples weekend in Vermont, anyone?


Fine Dining with Local Fare

Peasant Restaurant is a small restaurant overlooking the Mad River. It is owned by a husband and wife, and their daughter runs the front of house. It is intimate, and the food is absolutely delicious. If you like rustic Italian food- this is a must visit. We spent some time chatting with our server and the owner/ chef came out to talk with us as well. Everyone was friendly and the food was amazing.


275 Main at The Pitcher Inn, is just down the road in Warren, VT. We chose this restaurant for our actual anniversary celebration because it was very well spoken of in the area and the menu looked unbelievable. Jason and I love food! While most of the time I eat like a 15 year old boy, I do have a refined palate. And dare I say? Jason is a bit of a food snob. The staff had a celebratory menu for us, which they gave us to take home as a token.


A personalized menu (appetizer page) from The Pitcher Inn to take him with us. 
A personalized menu (appetizer page) from The Pitcher Inn to take him with us.


We had the creek at our back and could hear the rushing of the water. We were without a doubt the youngest diners in the room, but that is often the case with us. I cannot speak enough about the food. It was beautifully cooked and I ate more in one seating than I had in three days previous. I never wanted it to end.


Back to Reality

Alas, all good things have to end. Sadly, we had only the weekend and had to drive back home on Sunday. While we were driving down Scenic Route 100 we were able to stop at a few places and take photos. Jason even got me out on the trails (without a horse).



I kept my frizzy curls tamed while wearing my Wild Child Equestrian hat in Bone.


Who hikes to a waterfall in a leather jacket? I do. Also rocking my Wild Child Equestrian hat in Stone. 
Who hikes to a waterfall in a leather jacket? I do. Also rocking my Wild Child Equestrian hat in Stone.



While we didn’t spend the bulk of our time on horseback, I think our equestrian mini holiday was a huge success! Jason did not overdo it and have trouble walking the next day. I’d say that I did a good job Preparing Your Horse Husband for An Equestrian Vacation. At the very least he had fun. Whether he will be up for a week in Colorado on horseback, I don’t know. Either way, our weekend in Vermont was perfect in every way.


Have you gone on an equestrian vacation? Would you recommend it?



  • Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Wow!!! What a fun weekend! I’ve never been to Vermont, or anywhere in the North East area, but it sure is beautiful! I’m ready for a trip up there now! Your photos are gorgeous, and the horses are too! Glad you guys had such a nice time.

    • Heather Wallace

      Thank you! We had an amazing time and I would definitely recommend Vermont if you ever have the chance.

  • Nichole

    It sure looks like it was an AMAZING weekend! We love Vermont, but it’s been quite awhile since we’ve gotten away for a weekend there. Your photos are beautiful.

    • Heather Wallace

      Thank you so much! I’ve been working hard on my photography. It certainly makes it easier to be in such scenic beauty. Lots of inspiration!

  • Kamira Gayle

    I’ve never gone equestrian vacation or even rode a horse! Horses are beautiful however at the same time make me nervous. Vermont looks beautiful. I have that on my bucket list to do as well.

    • Heather Wallace

      Vermont is definitely a must do. You won’t be disappointed. This was my first ever equestrian vacation and it was a lot of fun. Then again, I love horses already. But my husband does NOT love horses and still still had fun too. 🙂

    • Heather Wallace

      Challenge accepted! I can’t imagine anything more fun…..except maybe a tour around a medieval village in Bulgaria.

  • Debbie

    Looks like an absolutely magical anniversary weekend. I’m glad all went smoothly for your non-horse loving hubby. The scenery is gorgeous and your pics make me want to visit Vermont even more than I already did. Thanks for sharing!

    • Heather Wallace

      Thank you for reading! I had so many photos, but I tried to pick the ones that really captured the weekend and the beauty we encountered. It was very hard to come back to reality.

  • The Daily Pip

    I absolutely loved these pictures so much – especially the misty green and red barn. My dad lived in Vermont when I was growing up and I used to spend summers there. Haven’t been back in twenty years but your pictures make me want to return. Just beautiful!

    • Heather Wallace

      Yes, that one is my favorite also! Can you believe I shot that while my husband was driving a moving vehicle? I’m still shocked I got it. I bet spending summers there was amazing. So happy to give you a walk down memory lane.

  • Beth

    It sounds like it was a perfect weekend for you two! In my younger years, I would have loved an equestrian trip like this, but now I much prefer to look at horses from the ground.

    • Heather Wallace

      LOL often it can be just as nice on the ground! If it were truly terrible weather that’s what we would have done, but I’m glad I was able to get on them and ride. Gaited horses are a lot of fun, and Icelandic horses have truly amazing temperaments. I have a crush.

    • Heather Wallace

      It counts. 🙂 Horse camp is so much fun! I did one when I was small and had an amazing time. The sloppy joes were not awesome, however.

    • Heather Wallace

      Vermont is a great option. You can ride for an hour our half a day depending on how comfortable you feel. Totally up to you. Hopefully I’ve inspired you!

  • FiveSibes Mom

    I love Vermont. It’s a photographer’s dream. But, you really had me at horses! This would be a dream vacation for me! I was an equestrian in my youth – raising, training, and showing horses. I always said I traded horses for Huskies, but actually there were quite a few years in between! Horses were my first loves. My father was a cowboy in Montana and he taught me to ride when I was just a kid. I have a portrait of my last horse, a Morgan, that I raised from a colt and trained and showed. I also still have my saddle! Lots of dust on that now since it’s been (gulp) 36 years! Your pics are just gorgeous – and I love the video with the Outlander soundtrack. Just perfect! 😉 Ah, brings me back…

    • Heather Wallace

      I love this. People who love horses never ever lose it. What a wonderful way to grow up! And where there are horses, they are usually dogs, right? Vermont and horses are certainly a photographer’s dream. I’ve been to Montana to ski but I really really want to head out west to ride. One day it will happen. Thank you!

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