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Dog Days Return to Red Bank

On Monday, June 25, 2018 the dogs took over Red Bank in the long-awaited return of Red Bank Dog Days. The perfect summer evening in Marine Park rang out with the sound of playful yips and was the sight of dogs big and small touring pet-friendly vendors and meeting new friends.


This was my first event since my partnership dissolved, and the first time my new banner went up! Luckily I had a little help from my daughters who came with me to keep me organized and see some dogs.


Unfortunately, one of my daughters became quite sick during set up and had to be taken to the doctor by my husband, but nothing could dim my excitement to share my love of animals while signing a few books!



The vendors ranged from animal rescue, welfare groups circulating a petition to ban puppy mill dogs from local stores, and of course to my friends Dr. Kendra Pope and The Brodie Fund!


The view from my table was bar none.

The highlights were working alongside my friends to meet dogs (and their owners) and I even found out there is a dog sledding team here in New Jersey. Lakota is a proud working dog, and I hope to see her again. After all, athletes need sports massage to keep them physically fit and improve flexibility. But therapeutic massage benefits animals of all breeds, sizes, and activity levels from desensitizing puppies to providing pain relief to seniors.


Me with one of my handsome clients, Hank.


Good times were had my all. Clients stopped by to say hello, and I was able to speak with many about the benefits of animal massage for their pets. Sad you missed it? Don’t be! Come visit us again on August 6th at Marine Park in Red Bank from 6-8pm.


Do you live in the area and are curious about animal massage? Schedule your pet a consultation today.

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