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#Horsebloggers Vlog Challenge

As part of Haynet’s equestrian and country blogger community, I joined their 5 question Vlog Challenge. As you may know, video is one of my goals for the coming year. So what better way to start off the year right?



I was paired with Laura Szuca of Wannabe in the Ribbons, based in the UK. Laura sent me some great questions, which I answer on video. Hello, “vlog” challenge! So it’s a closely kept secret that I was on a regional television show as a teenager. It was a lot of fun, and definitely helped me on camera but I have always been a bit goofy. And that was also decades ago. So this is me stepping outside of my comfort zone. Below I have answered each question with video and in writing so you can choose your poison. 


The full video is available at the end if you just can’t get enough of me!


5 Questions from Laura Szuca Wannabe in the Ribbons


1.“Introduce yourself – name and where you live.”

My name is Heather Wallace. I’m a certified equine sports massage therapist, canine sports therapist, and aromatherapist living in Monmouth County, New Jersey. My blog is Bridle & Bone, which focuses on horses, dogs, and holistic wellness.


2.“When did you first get in to horse riding and what’s your earlier horsey memory?”

I’ve been obsessed with horses as long as I can remember. My parents gave me every opportunity to ride ponies at parties or when we would travel to places like the Kentucky Horse Park. But my first truly memorable experience was while traveling with my family to Arizona. We passed a trail ride facility in the desert and I was so excited! I’d never ridden independently and I was going to be a cowgirl!


The little grey pony was perfect for me, and I was the first to mount up. Waiting for the others underneath the shade of a tree, and tied up no less, I panicked. My horse shifted his weight and I had visions of him taking off into the desert with me on his back. I started crying, which got my sister crying. I completely let fear take over the excitement and I ended up staying in the paddock with my sister and mom, grooming the pony the entire time.


My father, a former Air Force Captain, went on the trail ride instead. Did I mention he was afraid of horses? Yup. Turns out he’s became even more afraid after a run in with a rattlesnake while out in the desert. No one was hurt, but I’m not sure he’s ever forgiven me. After all, he was only there because his 9-year old daughter just had to go on this ride.




3. “You have just in the last week got your own horse, tell us about him and your aims for the next few months.”

YAY! I am so excited that I’m officially a horse owner. This has been a long time coming. Truly a life long dream!


Ferrous is a 14.2 red roan pony, a Welsh/ TB cross. He turned 11 this month. He’s been a lesson pony at my barn, although the barn owner was very particular who would ride him. Imagine my surprise when she agreed to sell him to me! He’s quite good with the girls and has a lot of personality.


Over the next few months I really want to build a relationship of mutual trust and respect, and I’ll be doing this through regular massage and groundwork. Physically, we’ll be working on overall fitness and endurance with me, and Ferrous’ topline. Strengthening his back, abdominals, and hindquarters.


4.“What’s your number one piece of horsey kit, a must have item for any grooming kit.”

Where we live ticks are a huge problem, and many of the horses have had Lyme Disease. The all natural Fly & Tick Spray from Bridle & Bone Wellness is organic, vegan, and handmade to order. The ingredients are all formulated to naturally repel insects so they avoid you and your horse in the first place. Plus, it smells great! It’s gentle enough to use consistently and I even use it on my children when they play outside or at the barn. Truly a must have for any grooming kit. It’s only available for sale in the US right now, but we hope to expand worldwide in the near future.


My second favorite is the Healing Salve. I keep mine in my tack box and it’s a supercharged Neosporin. I smells like heaven and can be used on scrapes, bites, burns, fungus, and more. It’s really an all around awesome product.


5.“Tell us a bit about the day job – you work in equine therapies how did you get in to it and why do you think it’s so important to consider these types of treatments for our horses?”

I absolutely love my job as an equine and canine sports massage therapist. I took a break from work to be a stay-at-home mom, having twins is hard work! When debating returning to work, I had the opportunity to decide to return to publishing or start over with something new. Scary, but risks always are.


I chose to work with animals. There is nothing better than improving their quality of life and building trusting and affectionate relationships. We become quite attached!


It’s so important to make sports massage a part of your regular wellness program. It works best as a preventative to injury, and to keep your horse in its best mental and physical state. Even better if paired with equine acupuncture or spinal manipulation.


Sports massage increases circulation and metabolism, and reduces toxins and inflammation to name just a few benefits. It is especially effective in preventing lameness, colic, and to speed healing.

The full video is here:

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