Coconut Oil, A Natural Flea Remedy
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Coconut Oil, a Natural Flea Remedy

It is just the unfortunate reality of a dog owner that at one time or another you’re going to have to combat the outbreak of a flea infestation.

The good news is there are a number of effective ways for you to treat your pet for fleas and without reaching for the medicated shampoo. We’re sure you’re already familiar with coconut oil, but it is a little known fact that  coconut oil is also an active treatment for fleas? We didn’t think so.

How Does Coconut Oil Fight Off Fleas?

Coconut Oil Natural Remedy for Fleas
Coconut oil is a natural remedy for fleas.

Yes, coconut oil may be great for cooking but is it what you should be using to help your dog in their time of need?

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid characterized by a specific chemical structure that allows the body to absorb them whole. This makes them more easily digestible and they are used as a source of direct energy. More importantly, lauric acid acts as a natural repellent to unwanted intruders such as fleas and ticks, and is often be found in commercial insect repellents. 

There are two mains ways you can you use coconut oil as a treatment for fleas.



Coconut Oil, A Natural Flea Remedy


Firstly, coconut oil can be used as a preventative by feeding a small amount to your dog or mixing it in with their food. This helps prevent fleas from initially taking up residence on your dog.

If however, the fleas infestation has already taken place, coconut oil can also be used to treat them effectively as well.


massage dog


This is perhaps the most common method of using coconut oil on your dog and requires you massaging the oil into your pet’s coat, working it all the way down to your dog’s skin.

*It is advisable that when applying coconut oil to your dog’s fur in this way that you do so outside, the oil acts as such as repellent that you may find the fleas jump of your dog’s almost immediately.

Once you have covered your pet in the oil you should run a flea comb through their coat. You will find fleas stick to the comb because of the oil – no more watching them jump away or evading the comb completely!

Finally, a major benefit of using coconut oil for this approach is that if your pet does get curious and licks its coat after you have applied the oil you can rest easy knowing that the natural ingredients will do them no harm at all, which can’t be said for all animal products available.

A Natural Remedy for Fleas

Whatever approach you use we hope that you find coconut oil an effective treatment for fleas. However, even though it is completely natural, we still do advise you consult your veterinarian if you are worried about your dog’s condition or if the fleas are causing severe irritation.


About the writer: Jenny Nolan is a professional pet groomer who loves all natural remedies. When she isn’t contributing to her family-run pet blog, Cleaner Paws, with her mom Sue she can be found keeping her two lovable King Charles Spaniels as active as possible.

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