Fowl Dog for Life is En Pointe!

Autumn is finally here and instead of heading to the barn I was very excited to visit The French Market in Rumson, New Jersey to meet fellow equestrian and small business owner, Melissa Woodson of Fowl Dog.


We sat at a small bistro table sipping our coffee and tea and had a lovely conversation. I had intended an interview, but we have a lot in common and talked about so many things. Apparently my interview technique stinks when we start talking animals because I get excited!

Melissa is the proud owner of Fowl Dog, which she started in 2015 to fulfill a personal need. She has very active dogs and loves to take her dogs to the woods and the beach. While fun it meant a whole lot of dirt and debris in her truck.

Wait, did I mention Melissa is an equestrian? She owns several horses and trained for years with Mary Babick, President of the USHJA, and Max Amaya of Stonehenge Stables. More, she competed on the amateur jumper circuit in Florida and Saugerties. Of course as an equestrian she is no stranger to a dirty truck, but surely there was a better way to travel with her dogs and maintain a beautiful vehicle? But how did a woman on Wall Street know anything about starting a pet product line? 

“I went to school for art and fashion design but found my way to Wall Street, in a marketing and business development role.” Melissa Woodson

I’m no stranger to choosing a different path for myself in my thirties, and I know well the risks involved. But sometimes you have to take a leap of faith like Melissa did. Take a look at a few of the products from Fowl Dog.

Fowl Dog Products

Auto Accessories

Car products on the market just did not have the durability and quality that Melissa needed. So she decided to start her own line. Enter Fowl Dog cargo mat and seat cover.


With zero experience in manufacturing. Melissa left her job on Wall Street to build an amazing product that would fill a specific need. Pet auto accessories that are high quality, durable, and meant to last many years. This is a risk that I can absolutely relate to, and her product speaks for itself.


Fowl Dog Auto Accessories

We went out to her car where I saw firsthand how easy the seat liner and cargo liner are to install. A busy woman would not need to spend much time trying to set it up. Easy to fold, easy to install, and perfect to protect your car from dogs and children’s boosters alike. Well, perhaps not the boosters as much as the crumbs and shoe prints that inevitably ruin the seats.


The auto accessories were the first products available, but her perhaps best known products started to support breed-specific rescue. The Fowl Dog decals. Both Melissa and Paul Roesch of Tupee Studios, Head of Branding and Graphics for Fowl Dog, work together on a variety of vinyl stickers. There are an assortment of dog breeds, equestrian, and wild game & livestock. Something for everyone. What sets these apart is that each decal is digitally printed in small batches and come in an array of patterns such as camouflauge, paisley, and even argyle.  

The best thing? The sale of certain breed-specific decals benefit animal rescue through Fowl Dog for Charity.

Lifestyle Accessories

Recently, Fowl Dog introduced an accessory line which includes a gorgeous navy belt with red vizla en pointe- the logo for Fowl Dog, inspired by Melissa’s two Hungarian bird dogs. There are also a collar, a leash, key fob, tote, and throw blanket available. Leather details and high quality materials at a reasonable price.

I really enjoyed meeting Melissa and of course we talked about our dogs, especially her new French Bulldog lovingly nicknamed “Potato” and her horses. We share a love and affection for OTTBs and know several local equestrians in common. How have we only just met?

While Fowl Dog products are available for wholesale to retailers, her prime method of sales are through her website. Visit now and reap the benefits of impeccable detailing and durable material that makes even the dirtiest car or truck easy to clean. My Fowl Dog cargo mat protects the trunk from my dogs claws and hair. Of course, my trunk also doubles as a tack box, so the cargo mat is perfect for that as well!

Whether you own a horse or a dog, you can benefit from Fowl Dog products. I know I proudly rock mine. Created in New Jersey, manufactured in the US, and made with quality in mind.

Next time Melissa and I meet, we may have to incorporate her foal Cash and at least one dog. I have a feeling the “Potato” would love the attention. Rumor is she certainly has personality to spare. I do love an animal with attitude.

What is your favorite Fowl Dog product?


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  1. I’m always inspired and impressed when people follow their dreams and hearts when they start a new business. I love that she supports animal rescue through some of her sales. Bravo!

    1. Yes, this is absolutely something I can relate to since I left a career in publishing to follow my passions. It’s a risk and a lot of hard work, but so worth it.

  2. That seat cover looks nice and sturdy. It’s amazing how much stuff the dogs can track into the car. It’s cool how she’s expanding into different products. What’s next?

    1. The quality is amazing. I have the cargo mat and it’s easy to install and keeps the dog hair, mud, and sand off my car.

  3. I like the cargo mat; looks good and sturdy. Though Cookie is fairly gentle on the vehicle.

    1. Very. I have to big dogs and they are anything but gentle! Glad Cookie is such a lady. 😉

  4. It’s always inspirational to read about other women pursuing their dreams! Congratulations to Melissa on such a successful business and following her passion!

    1. I love more women are entrepreneurs. I was talking about this the other day myself.

  5. How fun! Cute leash prints. I too went to art school, and ended up as a dog trainer for the last 20 years. Whew, so glad. It looks like you gals had a great time!

    1. I’m sure your art school education has helped you in many way through the years, even if not actively pursuing it as a career. I know my degrees in English and History have come in handy. Everything I’ve learned over the years has helped prepare me for owning my own business.

  6. I love when women start their own businesses as it shows all of us it can be done and bravo for her wonderful products – the major plus is of course supporting rescues as the more that do that the more rescues can happen. Great post.

    1. So true. There are so many animals in need. Soon women will take over the world- we’re just letting the men think they are in control 😉

  7. This is so inspirational to read how Melissa left her Wall Street job to pursue her passion. Hmm…the tote is super cute. What a great meeting. I’m sure her line will continue to flourish.

    1. Yes, I know you can identify! The products are really cute and would make for a great holiday gift to any pet lover. There is something for everyone.

  8. LOVE that cargo cover! My SUV is always so dirty with my 4 active hiking dogs. May have to check that out! The collars and leashes too <3 LOVE! Thanks for sharing

    1. This would be perfect for you. I actually told Melissa that I knew of a few adventurous pet travelers who would love her products!

  9. Wow – what a wonderful woman, she IS following a dream and how can you NOT love her terrific stuff. Dog Owners should be forming a queue outside her door NOW!

    1. I totally agree. Brave as hell!

    2. I completely agree! I love supported female entrepreneurs and her products are paw-tastic.

  10. I like how her hammocks for the back seat come in different sizes depending on the width of your back seat. Currently, Im driving a compact car and many back seat covers are tailored for ginormous SUVs and trucks. Truly inspiring how she rebooted her professional life with these products!

    1. Yes, it’s nice that there are choices. And the material is durable and water resistant. It absolutely protects the car from the dirtiest of dogs.

  11. Thanks for introducing us to Fowl Dog! I love the name and the products look great. If I ever get a new vehicle, I’m getting a cargo mat.

    1. You should, I love mine!

  12. I, too, discovered that I need to work on interview technique. I was interviewing one of our vets and I got so engrossed in the conversation, I forgot to take notes and ending up chatting instead of interviewing.

    1. Exactly! I did think to bring my voice recorder, thankfully!

  13. It’s always great to read of those that have left to pursue a passion! All the products shown look very well made, excellent! Keep up the good work, Melissa!

  14. I’ve had a Vizsla decal on my car for almost two years and it still looks brand new! I also have them on my laptops. Such quality and gorgeous designs. Melissa’s story and grit are inspiring!

    1. That’s awesome! I have the english riding boot on my computer, and have to get my car washed before I can put another on that!

  15. i have her decals and i must say – THEY ROCK – high quality – good detail – and hold up – which believe me, isnt easy in the north georgia mountains, living at the bottom of a gravel road – i recently traded my mini cooper in for another one and carefully removed the decal from the old mini to the new – and yep – looks good as new!!

    1. That’s awesome that you can reapply!

  16. WOW. All of these products look super well made. I hadn’t ever heard of the brand Fowl Dog, but it’s on my list to check out. OBSESSED with the beagle decal and the tote bags!

    1. These are perfect for you!

  17. I really like the car liner – it DOES look super sturdy!!

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