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Saddle Box Surprises in a Subscription Box

Nothing says an amazing birthday gift than a subscription box from Saddle Box! This month I turned 40, and I was very excited to receive this beautiful blue box in the mail just a week or so before. Much of the excitement is not knowing what items are included for you and your horse. 

September Saddle Box

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Saddle Box is a family-owned equestrian subscription box company based in the United States. Their circulation is growing every month and is quite a popular gift option for horse lovers. This is an overview of the September Saddle Box. 

Better Shedder Grooming Tool


This handy tool plays double duty. Not only does it help to shed your horse from his fluffy winter coat, but it also is perfect for after bath time to remove excess water.

Custom Hand-Made Hoof Pick

No one is loosing this in their tack box. The bright colored handle is easy to spot and easy to hold. It even comes with a handy hook to hang it nearby for easy access.

Guide to Equine Knots

Ever struggle to tie an quick release knot? When I first started working with horses, it was a challenge. This handy guide is pocket-sized. Keep it in your car, tack box, or grooming tote for easy reference .

Agri-Mectin Paste

We all need to deworm our horse. This is a functional, practical, and necessary addition to the subscription box!

Apple Oat Horse Cakes

Freshly baked horse treats. I know that it was a big hit with Delight. I finally got him to poke his nose out of his stall nicely.

Theracyn Wound Care

I usually use my healing salvepreferring an all natural method whenever possible, but this small bottle is perfect to keep in hand in case of emergency. We all know one of those accident-prone horses. 

Manna Pro® Theracyn™ Wound & Skin Care Equine Spray

“Theracyn™ Wound & Skin Care Equine Spray helps promote natural healing of cuts, sores, lacerations and skin irritations by way of this convenient, one-step spray cleanser and wound dressing. It contains the exclusive Microcyn® Technology that has treated over 10 million patients, both two-legged and four-legged.”

Saddle Soap Leather Care

Ummm, yes. We always need saddle soap.

Hoof Fix Conditioning Cream


The first few ingredients are natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatories: Tea Tree Oil, Menthol, Eucalyptus, and Wintergreen. It smells amazing.



The Saddle Box is a great way to try new products and they are perfectly sized to fit in your show bag, trailer, grooming tote, or tack box. I didn’t know what to expect or if it would be worth it, but I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely recommend this box as a gift or monthly subscription.


What item would you like to see in Saddle Box?

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